2020 MEC Cancelled

It is really not surprising in the slightest, but Feld Entertainment just announced that the 2020 Monster Energy Cup will not be run. The event was initially scheduled for October 10, at a new venue in Los Angeles, but the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series will conclude in California on that same date. Add in the fact that many major sports will be scrapping for venues at that time of year, it would simply not be possible. An official statement from Feld’s social media channels is below.

“The @MonsterEnergy Cup scheduled for October 10 will not be feasible this year, due to other leagues starting their seasons and the difficulty of securing an appropriate location. Supercross Futures National AMA Championship will also be cancelled.”

It remains to be seen if any off-season events will actually be run this year. It has already been announced that the race in Geneva, Switzerland, is not going to happen, and the same goes for the ADAC SX Cup in Germany. The Paris SX is still scheduled to go ahead as planned, however.

Lead Image: Monster Energy/Octopi