Honda launches the 2021 CRF250R

21 Honda CRF250R

HRC Launch Control: We are talking about a special ECU program here: Push the button to select the mode, hold the throttle open, release the clutch, and the CRF250R will do the rest, launching you into the first turn with a big advantage. It turns your bike into a holeshot-seeking machine!

Big Bore/Short Stroke: The CRF250R’s 79.0mm bore and short 50.9mm stroke let our engineers create a high-revving engine with plenty of room for large valves. The engine breathes and revs – the two keys to making power in the motocross world.

Clutch Design and Materials: The CRF250R’s clutch uses two different types of friction material. Why? The clutch can handle the increased power of the engine without being any larger. The lighter rotating weight is directly related to how fast the engine revs. Stronger clutch springs help cope with all that power.

DOHC Engine Layout: The CRF250R uses a double-overhead-cam (DOHC) engine layout with a unique finger-follower rocker design. Together with the rest of the engine’s architecture (bore and stroke, intake tract, piston, and more), you get more power and a higher redline.

Downdraft Intake and Exhaust Layout: The DOHC cylinder-head design let our engineers straighten out the CRF250R’s intake and exhaust tracts. The intake is short and just about arrow straight, and the exhaust flows more efficiently too. No athlete’s going to win a sprint if they try to run while holding their breath, and it’s no different with your bike’s engine. You’ll experience both more power and better throttle response.

Refined Dual-Exhaust System: The CRF250R’s dual-exhaust system is light, compact, and positioned close and low in the frame to take weight off the rear end and bring more mass to the bike’s center for improved handling. The pipes’ length are fine-tuned to give you more low and midrange torque.

Engine Mode Select Button: This simple handlebar-mounted button lets you dial in engine power delivery character with a push of your thumb. Choose between Standard, Smooth and Aggressive depending on track conditions.

Engine Oil Scavenge Pump: Deep in the engine, there’s a special oil scavenge pump. While you may never see it, it helps keep the CRF250R’s overall design compact.

Gear-Position Engine Mapping: Talk about smart. The CRF250R features an ECU with special engine mapping for each gear. You can’t give an inch in this class, so having your engine deliver optimal power for each gear choice is one of the features that separates CRF250R riders from the rest.

Gradual Pipe-Bend Radius: Notice how the CRF250R’s dual exhaust pipes make gradual, large-radius bends out of the head, then flow straight back to the mufflers with no abrupt angle changes. Getting the exhaust out of the engine – while still maintaining a tuned exhaust length, is the key to power, while the pipes’ low mass and twin-silencer design optimize the CRF250R’s center of mass for superior handling.

“H” Section Crank: Look closely at the CRF250R’s crankshaft profile and you’ll see its “H” cross-section design. What’s up with that? Just like a structural “I” beam in an aircraft wing or a skyscraper, it boosts strength and cuts weight over a conventional crank’s shape – a big deal when you consider this part spins at over 14,000 rpm!

Lithium-Ion Battery: Like the rest of the CRF250R, the bike’s Lithium-Ion battery is both super light and high performing. In fact, it weighs less than half the weight of a conventional lead-acid battery.

Shared Engine/Gearbox Lubrication: The 2021 CRF250R uses a shared engine/transmission oiling design. Why? Combining the two systems shaves weight and helps make the engine more compact, especially when it comes to placing the right-side cam drive and the clutch so close together.

Titanium Fuel Tank: Every gram counts on a bike in the 250 class, which is why the 2021 CRF250R has a titanium fuel tank. Light and strong, it’s also thinner than our previous plastic unit, freeing up more space and helping to centralize fuel mass.

Titanium Intake and Exhaust Valves: Light is right when it comes to a high-revving engine’s reciprocating masses. That’s why the CRF250R uses titanium intake and exhaust valves. Plus, the valve angle is a super-narrow 20.5 degrees (included). Ovalized valve springs and long-wearing Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) treated finger rockers complete the package.

Total Air Management: Total air management means complete attention to how efficiently air gets through the intake, through the head, and out the exhaust. Eliminate losses here, and you make more power everywhere. The best part? It’s free horsepower – you just need a bike with smart design.


Electric Start: The CRF250R is equipped with an effortless electric starter. Convenient and lightweight, it’s a huge deal if you need to restart a stalled bike in the heat of battle.


Double-Spray Injector Settings: The CRF250R’s fuel-injection system sprays twice per intake cycle. That helps increase fuel atomization without adding the weight or complexity of a second injector. The better fuel atomization means more power in the midrange and on over rev – you’ll feel it the first time you race.

Bridged-Box Piston: The CRF250R’s bridged-box piston is the final piece to the CRF250R’s engine performance package. The design features a reinforcing structure between the skirts and the wrist-pin bosses that helps enable the CRF250R’s high redline.

High Capacity Radiator: When you are making big power and riding long motos, you need plenty of radiator capacity to keep your engine running strong. No worries – the CRF250R has you covered in that department.

High Redline: With our better-breathing DOHC design and the big-bore/short-stroke engine, the CRF250R’s rev limit is way impressive. The same goes for peak power and peak torque.

High-Volume Air Cleaner: The 2021 CRF250R features an air-cleaner element with plenty of surface area and volume. The result? More power!

High-Performance Cam Profiles: With input directly from our HRC factory team, we have given the CRF250R cam profiles that help the engine produce better bottom end torque and power while still retaining the CRF250R’s screaming peak.

More Power: Feel free to hold that throttle open and head for the first turn – the CRF250R is designed to win that critical holeshot drag race. You’ll also feel the increased low-end to mid-range torque.

Throttle Body: With a 44mm venturi designed to speed up airflow, the CRF250R’s throttle body really reaps benefits at low engine operating speeds. You get power and snap, right now.


Showa Spring Fork: The 49mm Showa fork features a conventional spring design that helps increase the CRF250R’s front-suspension precision, handling and feel. The 39mm piston diameter and 25mm rod diameter guarantee a plush feel and supple action.

260MM Front Brake: The CRF250R’s large front-brake disc measures a whopping 260mm. You get great brake feel and a pattern that cuts down on weight. Front and rear brake-disc guards are part of the package too.

DUNLOP MX3S Tires: Developed using Dunlop’s latest “block-on-block” design technology, the CRF250R’s MX3S tires give excellent feedback and are a perfect complement to the CRF250R’s frame and suspension.

Low-Battery Mounting: To keep a bike’s center of gravity low, you need to pay attention to all the details. That’s why we locate the CRF250R’s battery low in the chassis. It’s just another reason why the bike handles so well.

Low Rear Shock Mount: With its low rear shock mount on the frame, the CRF250R benefits from both a lower center of gravity (cg) as well as chassis stability.

Short Swingarm: The CRF250R’s short swingarm helps make it light, and also helps give the bike better rear-wheel traction, and reduces unsprung mass, important considering how much power you have on tap.

Twin-Spar Aluminium Frame: The CRF250R’s latest twin-spar aluminium frame is identical to the CRF450R’s except for the lower engine cradle where the engine mounts. It’s the foundation for the 250s superb handling.


Black Rims: They may not help you go faster, but the sweet black DID DirtStar rims sure look good.

Flat Seat/Tank Junction: The 2021 CRF250R features a flat seat/tank junction, including a titanium fuel tank. The superior ergonomics make it easier to move forward and back on the bike, increasing your control.

“In Mold” Graphics: With the all the time you’ll be spending in victory circle, you need to look your best. The CRF250R has you covered. Our “in mold” graphics look great, and stay looking good.

Rear Subframe: The CRF250R’s subframe uses extruded rear members that produce a 20-percent reduction in weight versus the previous generation. Since that weight comes off the top of the bike, it also contributes to the CRF250R’s low center of gravity.

Smooth Styling: Blending the CRF250R’s body panels does more than just make the bike look smooth, fast, and stylish. It also helps you move around on the bike while riding. Nothing wrong with smooth, fast, and stylish, though.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Honda Powersports