Beyond the Track: Austin Forkner

An extremely insightful interview with Austin Forkner, conducted by Daniel Blair. This lengthy chat with the 250SX West title contender covers a lot of hot topics, and really highlights what a level-headed guy Forkner is (contrary to popular opinion). Those haters are discussed, as well as some of his aggressive moves and the upcoming duel for the championship. There is a lot going on in the Forkner camp!

I’m ready to go, for sure. At the end of the day, I’m sitting in a pretty good spot. I have got no pressure on me. I have just to go and try to win, and he has got all of the pressure on him. He is the defender in this situation, so I’m just coming in trying to go to the front and win. If I go down trying, then I tried. Whatever happens, I tried and did my best. I’m just doing my thing and going out there to ride. I’m excited for another race and to mix it up with the east-coast boys.”

Video: Monster Energy Supercross | Lead Image: Feld Entertainment