Industry News: Talon Engineering

Finally, positive news in the UK. Leading British company Talon Engineering will begin manufacturing in their workshop again, following the enforced break with COVID-19. There’s more in the press release below.

Press Release

It’s been a very testing three months for everyone and that time has certainly tested UK manufacturing companies like Talon that have been forced to close. However, there seems to finally be some light at the end of the tunnel for one of the backbones of British motocross. Talon (founded in the early 1970s) has led the way in wheels, hubs and sprockets with products sold across the world and used by the leading supercross and motocross riders.

This week KTM opened its assembly line with the production of a KTM Duke, some practice tracks open their doors for private use and sales started to kick in once more for many companies as people brace themselves to start to return to racing possibly in July or August.

Talon has been watching events closely and, with demand rising once again for arguably the best wheels on the market, decided to open their workshop and manufacturing for the first time since its closure. It’ll be a while before the full work force is back in action at the Yeovil-based company but it is a great sign for the British motocross industry that these machines are working on the beautiful products once again.

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Rob Sartin (Managing Director/Owner of Talon): “It’s been a tough time – the workshop has never been closed like this since its opening back in the early 70s. These are truly unprecedented times. The main objective through this and going forward is keeping our talented workforce in work, as a company we expected to drive forward in 2020 after several years of good growth. Now we have to tactically bring back people into the business piece-by-piece as demand arises. For example, we have had some big orders and sales come in for sprockets. It’s about how we manage this process with our skilled staff.

“Each part of the Talon workshop offers a speciality to the process – you can’t have some without the others as it will cause a bottleneck. There are so many variables to consider, like what skills to bring back and as much as we have multi-skilled workers that cover holidays and the like some of our staff have over 30 years of experience that cannot be taught overnight. They are truly specialists in their areas. It’s great to see the workshop coming back to life, as a business owner and someone who is extremely passionate about motocross and enduro, and the wheels turning (excuse the pun).”

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Supplied