MOTOGP Season Approaches

The 2020 MotoGP season was definitely a season that will never be forgotten. The ups, the downs, the start and stop to the racing left us all with the same question, “will there actually be any racing?”

As Covid19 hit the world we all had to look at the reality of the situation and all decisions that were made were to delay the season until it was safe to continue. As we stride into the 2021 season we find ourselves in a similar position. There is a provisional race calendar set in place that we all hope will become a reality.

The provisional calendar is somewhat similar to that of the 2020 calendar. There will be double header races that take place at the same racetrack for consecutive weekends. This leaves riders and teams with additional time to asses data and repeat their performances with the knowledge gained from the weekend before. In saying this, there is no time for error or injury to riders as it is a very crammed and action-packed season.

With the first official testing to commence on the 2nd March at the “Circuito de Jerez” in Spain, the excitement of what is to come in the 2021 season is starting to become a desire for the feeling of the speed and adrenaline of being on a MotoGP bike to be brought back to life through our televisions screens.

Revised Testing Schedule 2021:

  • 2 March- Jerez MotoE Official Test 1
  • 6 March- Qatar MotoGP Official Test
  • 19 March- Qatar Moto2 & Moto3 Official Test

There is a new feature to the 2021 calendar that will see the recently opened (2019), Kymi Ring in Finland. It is 4.6km (2.88 mi) in length with 18 turns that almost guarantees excitement and thrilling racing. This is going to be great at evening out the playing field amongst riders as this will be the first visit for the MotoGP paddock to the Kymi Ring.

Words: Gareth Laverick.