News: KTM Discounts

These new KTM deals make everything even better! Dive into the press release below to learn more about the discounts that you are entitled to.

Press Release

KTM is now back in the race, with authorised dealers opening their showrooms in accordance to all relevant government regulations. Greeting customers returning to the showrooms is KTM’s motocross and enduro ranges with an incredible £1,000 saving on each model.


KTM’s SX and SX-F ranges need no introduction, other than pointing to a massive cupboard full of world championship titles. Two-stroke aficionados can choose from the gutsy 125 SX, flexible 150 SX and exhilarating 250 SX – all with a thousand pounds off the sticker price. Four-stroke fans have the option of the dynamic 250 SX-F, perfectly proportioned 350 SX-F and all conquering 450 SX-F to apply a £1,000 saving to. We have not forgotten the kids either, with a £500 saving available on 50 SX and 50 SX Mini. There is £550 off the 65 SX and this climbs to £600 off small and big wheel 85 SX machines.

ModelNew PriceSaving
50 SX£3,099£500
65 SX£3,749£550
85 SX 17/14£4,499£600
85 SX 19/16£4,499£600
125 SX£5,999£1,000
150 SX£6,199£1,000
250 SX£6,649£1,000
250 SX-F£7,049£1,000
350 SX-F£7,199£1,000
450 SX-F£7,349 £1,000 

Enduro riders will be just as eager to get out on the tracks and trails, especially if they have just scored a £1,000 saving on their latest orange ride. Two-stroke TPI models, including the new for 2020 150 EXC TPI, are included in the Powerdeals promotion. For those riders really looking for the last word in spec and performance, all SIX DAYS models get the grand off too. Four-stroke riders have the four capacities to choose from, as well as the opportunity to upgrade to a SIX DAYS at each capacity. Furiously focused XC and XC-F models are included, while the impressive free-ride 250F also gets in on the deal.

Two-Stroke Enduro Models
ModelPromo PriceSaving
150 EXC TPI£6,949£1,000
250 EXC TPI£7,399£1,000
250 EXC TPI Six Days£7,899£1,000
250 XC TPI£7,199£1,000
300 EXC TPI£7,649£1,000
300 EXC TPI Six Days£8,149£1,000
300 XC TPI£7,499£1,000
Four-Stroke Enduro Models
ModelPromo PriceSaving
250 EXC-F£7,749£1,000
250 EXC-F Six Days£8,249£1,000
250 XC-F£7,249£1,000
350 EXC-F£7,999£1,000
350 EXC-F Six Days£8,499£1,000
350 XC-F£7,449£1,000
450 EXC-F£8,099£1,000
450 EXC-F Six Days£8,599£1,000
500 EXC-F£8,199£1,000
500 EXC-F Six Days£8,699£1,000
Freeride 250F£6,499£1,000

This offer is only available at participating off-road authorised KTM dealers on 2020 enduro and motocross models until 01/09/20, or while stocks last. By using an authorised KTM dealer a customer can be sure of the best service and the back-up of KTM. Customers can find details of their local dealer here and we recommend customers contact them ahead of any visit to understand their current opening policies and availability of models.

Note: KTM 2020 off-road Powerdeals promotion excludes all special edition models (Prado, Cairoli, Factory, Erzbergrodeo), the SX-E5 and Freeride E-XC.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: KTM Images