Ryan Dungey returning to racing in 2021?

Rumours have been circulating at quite a speed recently, as paddock gossip suggesting that Ryan Dungey is looking at making a comeback has picked up. Now, for the first time since the reports surfaced over a month ago, Dungey has spoken out and confirmed that the fire that he once had has returned. The quote below is what he said when questioned on the NBC Sports Gold broadcast of qualifying at Millville today (September 19).

Strictly being transparent: I have been looking at some options here, knocking on some doors and seeing what’s available. Kind of getting that fire back. 2020 obviously has been really interesting – budgets have changed and things are different. It’s not like there has been a lot of openings in our sport as it is. There are 450 guys fighting for spots as it is! If the right opportunity comes along and things look good, then we’ll seek it out. As of right now things are calm and there are really not a lot of opportunities out there. That is where we are at.”

Dungey retired following the conclusion of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season, in which he clinched his fourth 450SX title. Dungey raced a Suzuki for the first five years of his professional career, then spent the rest of his time as a professional athlete on a KTM. The transition to Honda was made after his retirement, first as a co-owner of the GEICO Honda outfit and now he rides a CRF450R when he hits the track.