WorldSBK Results: Misano, Italy

All Results from round 3 of the World Superbike Championship at Misano, Italy.

The World Superbike Championship returns to the Misano World Circuit ‘Marco Simoncelli’ for the first time since 2019.

Jonathan Rea leads Toprak Razgatlioglu by 35 points heading into the weekend with Scott Redding only a further three points behind.

One major change this weekend will be in superpole qualifying as Pirelli have expanded the number of superpole tyres from one to two. The decision about the extra Superpole tyre, which is not a change in the regulation but a change in the tyre allocation, comes after yellow flag rules brought in for 2021 meant some riders lost their Superpole tyre lap time last time out at Estoril

Results from all sessions can be found in an easy-to-view format below. Simply save the link and then check back regularly for the results from each session.

WorldSBK – Race 2 – Misano, Italy
1Toprak RazgatliogluTURPATA Brixx Yamaha33’24.487
2Michael RinaldiITAAruba.It Ducati+1.286
3Jonathan ReaGBRKawasaki Racing Team+2.987
4Scott ReddingGBRAruba.It Ducati+9.102
5Garrett GerloffUSAGRT Yamaha+10.695
6Alex LowesGBRKawasaki Racing Team+13.117
7Axel BassaniITAMotocorsa Ducati+17.621
8Alvaro BautistaSPAHRC Honda+17.893
9Andrea LocatelliITAPATA Brixx Yamaha+22.458
10Michael Van Der MarkNEDMotorrad BMW+25.118
11Lucas MahiasSPAKawasaki Puccetti+27.107
12Tom SykesGBRMotorrad BMW+28.353
13Kohta NozaneJPNGRT Yamaha+33.391
14Tito RabatSPABarni Racing Ducati+38.817
15Eugene LavertyIRLRC Squadra Corse BMW+41.262
16Jonas FolgerGERBonovo BMW+43.046
17Isaac ViñalesSPAOrelac Racing Kawasaki+53.844
18Christophe PonssonFRAAlstare Yamaha+1’00.109
19Samuel CavalieriBELPedercini Kawasaki+1’11.934
20Loris CressonBELPedercini Kawasaki+1’23.648
21Chaz DaviesGBRGoEleven DucatiDNF
22Leon HaslamGBRHRC HondaDNF
WorldSBK – Superpole Race – Misano, Italy
1Michael RinaldiITAAruba.It Ducati15’50.711
2Toprak RazgatliogluTURPATA Brixx Yamaha+0.485
3Jonathan ReaGBRKawasaki Racing Team+1.865
4Scott ReddingGBRAruba.It Ducati+2.419
5Alex LowesGBRKawasaki Racing Team+5.671
6Axel BassaniITAMotocorsa Ducati+7.448
7Tom SykesGBRMotorrad BMW+10.560
8Garrett GerloffUSAGRT Yamaha+13.102
9Andrea LocatelliITAPATA Brixx Yamaha+13.110
10Alvaro BautistaSPAHRC Honda+16.348
11Leon HaslamGBRHRC Honda+18.585
12Kohta NozaneJPNGRT Yamaha+20.167
13Eugene LavertyIRLRC Squadra Corse BMW+20.796
14Tito RabatSPABarni Racing Ducati+21.207
15Isaac ViñalesSPAOrelac Racing Kawasaki+27.728
16Christophe PonssonFRAAlstare Yamaha+30.205
17Samuel CavalieriBELPedercini Kawasaki+35.374
18Loris CressonBELPedercini Kawasaki+35.643
19Jonas FolgerGERBonovo BMW+37.066
20Lucas MahiasSPAKawasaki PuccettiDNF
21Michael Van Der MarkNEDMotorrad BMWDNF
22Chaz DaviesGBRGoEleven DucatiDNF
WorldSBK – Warm Up – Misano, Italy
1Michael RinaldiITAAruba.It Ducati1’33.774
2Scott ReddingGBRAruba.It Ducati+0.710
3Toprak RazgatliogluTURPATA Brixx Yamaha+0.806
4Jonathan ReaGBRKawasaki Racing Team+1.068
5Alex LowesGBRKawasaki Racing Team+1.093
6Garrett GerloffUSAGRT Yamaha+1.165
7Leon HaslamGBRHRC Honda+1.232
8Michael Van Der MarkNEDMotorrad BMW+1.263
9Chaz DaviesGBRGoEleven Ducati+1.273
10Tom SykesGBRMotorrad BMW+1.359
11Lucas MahiasSPAKawasaki Puccetti+1.403
12Axel BassaniITAMotocorsa Ducati+1.435
13Andrea LocatelliITAPATA Brixx Yamaha+1.467
14Kohta NozaneJPNGRT Yamaha+1.533
15Alvaro BautistaSPAHRC Honda+1.561
16Jonas FolgerGERBonovo BMW+1.578
17Tito RabatSPABarni Racing Ducati+2.165
18Isaac ViñalesSPAOrelac Racing Kawasaki+2.212
19Eugene LavertyIRLRC Squadra Corse BMW+2.247
20Christophe PonssonFRAAlstare Yamaha+3.406
21Samuel CavalieriBELPedercini Kawasaki+3.461
22Loris CressonBELPedercini Kawasaki+4.033
WorldSBK – Race 1 – Misano, Italy
1Michael RinaldiITAAruba.It Ducati33’23.457
2Toprak RazgatliogluTURPATA Brixx Yamaha+3.657
3Jonathan ReaGBRKawasaki Racing Team+5.104
4Scott ReddingGBRAruba.It Ducati+10.247
5Alex LowesGBRKawasaki Racing Team+13.474
6Alvaro BautistaESPHRC Honda+14.766
7Axel BassaniITAMotocorsa Ducati+15.587
8Tom SykesGBRMotorrad BMW+16.694
9Andrea LocatelliITAPATA Brixx Yamaha+23.612
10Michael Van Der MarkNEDMotorrad BMW+28.364
11Lucas MahiasESPKawasaki Puccetti+28.699
12Garrett GerloffUSAGRT Yamaha+31.757
13Kohta NozaneJPNGRT Yamaha+35.595
14Leon HaslamGBRHRC Honda+35.603
15Tito RabatESPBarni Racing Ducati+38.211
16Jonas FolgerGERBonovo BMW+38.372
17Isaac ViñalesESPOrelac Racing Kawasaki+47.720
18Christophe PonssonFRAAlstare Yamaha+1’06.736
19Samuel CavalieriBELPedercini Kawasaki+1’11.668
20Loris CressonBELPedercini Kawasaki+1’14.491
21Chaz DaviesGBRGoEleven DucatiDNF
DNSEugene LavertyIRLRC Squadra Corse BMW
WorldSBK – Superpole Qualifying – Misano, Italy
1Jonathan ReaGBRKawasaki Racing Team1’33.416
2Toprak RazgatliogluTURPATA Brixx Yamaha+0.099
3Scott ReddingGBRAruba.It Ducati+0.118
4Michael RinaldiITAAruba.It Ducati+0.262
5Tom SykesGBRMotorrad BMW+0.444
6Alex LowesGBRKawasaki Racing Team+0.481
7Lucas MahiasESPKawasaki Puccetti+0.508
8Axel BassaniITAMotocorsa Ducati+0.596
9Alvaro BautistaESPHRC Honda+0.801
10Chaz DaviesGBRGoEleven Ducati+1.037
11Andrea LocatelliITAPATA Brixx Yamaha+1.048
12Leon HaslamGBRHRC Honda+1.104
13Michael Van Der MarkNEDMotorrad BMW+1.258
14Kohta NozaneJPNGRT Yamaha+1.261
15Jonas FolgerGERBonovo BMW+1.476
16Tito RabatESPBarni Racing Ducati+1.740
17Isaac ViñalesESPOrelac Racing Kawasaki+2.206
18Christophe PonssonFRAAlstare Yamaha+2.493
19Samuel CavalieriBELPedercini Kawasaki+3.049
20Loris CressonBELPedercini Kawasaki+4.949
NQGarrett GerloffUSAGRT Yamaha
NQEugene LavertyIRLRC Squadra Corse BMW
WorldSBK – Free Practice 3 – Misano, Italy
1Michael RinaldiITAAruba.It Ducati1’34.018
2Scott ReddingGBRAruba.It Ducati+0.308
3Toprak RazgatliogluTURPATA Brixx Yamaha+0.368
4Alex LowesGBRKawasaki Racing Team+0.596
5Jonathan ReaGBRKawasaki Racing Team+0.621
6Garrett GerloffUSAGRT Yamaha+0.687
7Eugene LavertyIRLRC Squadra Corse BMW+0.773
8Tom SykesGBRMotorrad BMW+0.892
9Axel BassaniITAMotocorsa Ducati+0.921
10Andrea LocatelliITAPATA Brixx Yamaha+0.960
11Michael Van Der MarkNEDMotorrad BMW+1.040
12Leon HaslamGBRHRC Honda+1.092
13Jonas FolgerGERBonovo BMW+1.217
14Kohta NozaneJPNGRT Yamaha+1.305
15Lucas MahiasESPKawasaki Puccetti+1.329
16Chaz DaviesGBRGoEleven Ducati+1.346
17Alvaro BautistaESPHRC Honda+1.423
18Tito RabatESPBarni Racing Ducati+1.966
19Isaac ViñalesESPOrelac Racing Kawasaki+2.340
20Christophe PonssonFRAAlstare Yamaha+2.415
21Samuel CavalieriBELPedercini Kawasaki+3.165
22Loris CressonBELPedercini Kawasaki+4.274
WorldSBK – Free Practice 2 – Misano, Italy
1Michael RinaldiITAAruba.It Ducati1’34.334
2Alex LowesGBRKawasaki Racing Team+0.294
3Jonathan ReaGBRKawasaki Racing Team+0.514
4Toprak RazgatliogluTURPATA Brixx Yamaha+0.575
5Scott ReddingGBRAruba.It Ducati+0.742
6Alvaro BautistaESPHRC Honda+0.862
7Tom SykesGBRMotorrad BMW+0.898
8Axel BassaniITAMotocorsa Ducati+0.953
9Leon HaslamGBRHRC Honda0.994
10Lucas MahiasESPKawasaki Puccetti+1.049
11Garrett GerloffUSAGRT Yamaha+1.062
12Chaz DaviesGBRGoEleven Ducati+1.197
13Tito RabatESPBarni Racing Ducati+1.280
14Michael Van Der MarkNEDMotorrad BMW+1.562
15Eugene LavertyIRLRC Squadra Corse BMW+1.593
16Jonas FolgerGERBonovo BMW+1.676
17Kohta NozaneJPNGRT Yamaha+1.710
18Andrea LocatelliITAPATA Brixx Yamaha+1.848
19Isaac ViñalesESPOrelac Racing Kawasaki+2.006
20Christophe PonssonFRAAlstare Yamaha+2.632
21Samuel CavalieriBELPedercini Kawasaki+2.877
22Loris CressonBELPedercini Kawasaki+4.901
WorldSBK – Free Practice 1 – Misano, Italy
1Toprak RazgatliogluTURPATA Brixx Yamaha1’34.848
2Michael RinaldiITAAruba.It Ducati+0.054
3Garrett GerloffUSAGRT Yamaha+0.075
4Chaz DaviesGBRGoEleven Ducati+0.543
5Axel BassaniITAMotocorsa Ducati+0.701
6Tito RabatESPBarni Racing Ducati+0.803
7Leon HaslamGBRHRC Honda+0.885
8Jonathan ReaGBRKawasaki Racing Team+0.941
9Alvaro BautistaESPHRC Honda+0.961
10Michael Van Der MarkNEDMotorrad BMW+0.983
11Alex LowesGBRKawasaki Racing Team+1.066
12Scott ReddingGBRAruba.It Ducati+1.137
13Lucas MahiasESPKawasaki Puccetti+1.320
14Tom SykesGBRMotorrad BMW+1.383
15Kohta NozaneJPNGRT Yamaha+1.440
16Jonas FolgerGERBonovo BMW+1.561
17Andrea LocatelliITAPATA Brixx Yamaha+1.570
18Eugene LavertyIRLRC Squadra Corse BMW+2.035
19Isaac ViñalesESPOrelac Racing Kawasaki+2.066
20Christophe PonssonFRAAlstare Yamaha+2.457
21Samuel CavalieriBELPedercini Kawasaki+3.563
22Loris CressonBELPedercini Kawasaki+5.033

Words: Daniel Blackham Lead Image: Yamaha PR